A good book can change your life. There are plenty of books available on different topics. Today we will talk only about top 10 keto diet books for beginners. Now by beginners I mean we will help you choose a good book to help you start keto dieting. We have compiled a list, keeping those people in mind who are just stepping into the game.

Moreover I have listed these books after doing a lot of research so don’t worry about them. As long as you stick to the plan keto diet will work for you. But before we start our list I would like to clear some of the misconceptions about keto diet. If you are already in the game you can skip this part and move to the list directly.

Keto diet and how it works

Keto diet is a diet plan in which there is no excuse for carbs. I mean you will keep as low carbs as possible. Our body needs fuel to burn and produce energy. It uses carbs for its fuel now if we reduce the amount of carbs the body will start using stored fats as fuel.


Is keto safe?

Yes, Keto diet is 100% safe. It is a natural way that helps many overweight and obese people to lose weight effectively. As long as you are relying on natural methods, it will always be safe. Once you switch to chemicals and supplements the game can be a bit different. As Keto diet is all based on low carb foods it is safe for everyone.

How long does it takes keto to start working?

It depends upon your previous nutrition, your metabolism and some other facts such as supplements etc. Normal it takes 10 days for a body to get into ketosis stage.

There are many other questions that a newbie who is about to start keto may have in his/her mind. I encourage you to ask them using our site’s comment section. We will happily answer all of your queries. Now I hope you have an idea what keto is and how it works. I think we should start talking about the top 10 keto diet books for beginners.


Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes:

One of the best books by “Suzanne Ryan”. The author has explained everything based on her own experience. She has lost more than 100 pounds in just one year. That too by using keto diet. The author has explained her life long struggle to overcome weight. She has shared every detail of her transformation from the very beginning. You can reach out to the other directly VIA her youtube channel and her blog “Keto Karma”.

It might seem just a book to some of you but in reality it is a portal to Suzanne’s life. There are many tasty keto recipes that will make you even forget carb diet. You will find all the guidance in this book on how to start keto dieting.

Why you should read this book?
The book is an encyclopedia for keto dieters. It contains useful advice for beginners. It will also tell you about keto grocery shopping and frequently asked questions about this diet. There are more than 100 recipes which are easy to try for everyone. You will also find 30 day meal plan.


Keto Comfort Foods Kindle Edition:

Another amazing book about keto diet by “Maria Emmerich”. She written on keto topic in her previous books. These books include “The ketogenic Cookbook with jimmy moore” and “The 30-day ketogenic cleanse”. Maria Emmerich is an experienced author in the game. She helps her readers making delicious keto meals and enjoying life as much as possible.

The recipes explained in this book are safe for everyone and based on low carbs, no sugar diets. She has explained these recipes in such a good way that these recipes will become your new family favourites. I am sure you will forget carb diet once you start reading her book.

Why you should read this book?
Maria has covered all the topics in a detailed manner. This book contains more than 170 recipes. They cover almost every topic from cinnamon rolls to steak fries. This book will help you giving the recipes and tips you need to prepare delicious and healthy meals.

Ketogenic Diet For Beginners: 14 Days For Weight Loss Challenge And Burn Fat Forever:

Another great book on our list by “Adam Sanders”. It contains the secrets to lose 15 pounds in just 2 weeks. Yeah I know you are surprised by reading this. Fifteen pounds in just two weeks is really a great deal. Moreover this book contains 200 amazing low-carb recipes. These are easy to make, healthy and all family will enjoy it.

The book contains magical secrets to overcome weight in a safer way and help you shed unwanted pounds. It will not tell you to take some hard steps like fasting etc. By reading this book you will learn how to make food that nourishes. Your fats will start melting like wax melting from candle. These recipes will help you in getting rid of skin and joint problems and much more.

Why you should read this book?
It contains healthy keto meal plans. Healthy and safer recipes which will become all family favourite. These recipes can help you shed extra pounds in just two weeks. It can also help you in getting rid of joints and skin problems. You will overcome your cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure level. I suggest it is a good book to have in every kitchen.


The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle:

Amy Ramos has explained everything about keto diet in her book. She helps her readers to start keto dieting with her healthy and delicious recipes. This book has made it easier to start from the very beginning. The author has covered many topics in very details which makes this book a bestseller on amazon.

It contains 75 scrumptious recipes which are easy to follow and don’t take more than 30 minutes to prepare. It has a 14 day meal plan which will help you stay on track. The meal plan will cover lunch, dinner, and snack suggestions. It also covers the fundamentals of ketogenic diet and handy charts which will help you get as much information as you can.

Keto Diet: Your 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Balance Hormones, Boost Brain Health, and Reverse Disease:

Thanks to Dr. Josh Axe for this amazing book. As the name indicated Dr.Josh is a Doctor himself he has written this book covering keto diet. The book contains more than 80 delicious recipes which will give you a great choice to try every single one of them for days. The recipes are easy to prepare, healthy and delicious and even your kids will love them.

According to Dr.Josh if keto diet is practiced correctly it can help you shed a lot of unwanted pounds in a safer way. It will not only help you burn fats but also reduce inflammation, fight cancer and balance hormones etc. The author has explained everything in details.

It has a 30 day diet plan which will help you in your weight loss journey. Not only diet plan but this book also covers your shopping list, recipes, and exercise routines. The author has surely put a lot of effort to make you healthier.

Why you should read this book?
The author being a doctor himself and one of the best sellers on amazon has covered every topic about keto in very details. He also tells how following a proper keto diet plan can help you overcome weight loss. Not only weight loss but also fighting with many diseases. Moreover the book covers shopping lists for beginners, delicious recipes and exercise routines.

Keto Diet for Beginners 2019: 10 Simple Steps to Keto Success. Easy and Healthy Everyday Ketogenic Diet Recipes You’ll Love:

Another amazing book for beginners by Liam Sandler. The author has covered topics from the very beginning. He explains on how to win battles with weight loss and improve your health. Moreover, he also explains if ketogenic diet is the right choice for you or not. The book contains an introduction to keto diet which makes it newbie friendly.

It will tell you in simple steps to achieve success by following the diet. The book includes 55+ delicious recipes which will make you enjoy your meals every day. These recipes are easy to prepare and healthy for all family.

Why you should read this book?
The author has written this book keeping beginners in mind. He has explained everything about keto in very details. The book covers many topics which includes some of the basic questions about keto diet. It has many delicious recipes and is a great source of information especially if you are new to keto.

Keto Meal Prep: Lose Weight, Save Time, and Feel Your Best on the Ketogenic Diet:

Liz Williams’ keto meal prep is one of the best selling books on amazon. The Author is an experienced person in the field, inspiring many women to be like her. She has explained keto meals in a very neat manner in her book. This book contains the secrets to live a healthy life without carbs.

The book has three phases i.e keto meal prep 101, which helps in giving an outline about basic diet, storage tips and kitchen essentials. 3 meal preps is a two week plan for beginners for those who workout regularly. Planning and support phase includes shopping lists, step by step instruction and storage guidance.
Why you should read this book:
The author did a great job explaining everything from the beginning. It helps the beginners to learn more about keto diet. It has a 14 day meal plan which will help you to take a start. There are 75 delicious recipes which will never make you bore of your diet. Every recipe is in easy steps so you don’t have to be a perfect chef or kitchen master to prepare them.


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