You know your worth and power to play your role as a leader of business in the modern corporate world.

Strengthen your belief in yourself and your capabilities with these books from women having similar mindset. Get inspired, view your situation from different viewpoints, and get new solutions to old problems.

Let’s start with some books which promise healthy doses of inspiration:

Get Inspired!

#1 In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice

The best way to get inspiration is to connect with those winners who have already reaped the fruit of their hard work. In this way, this book is the best resource to know some success stories from 100 different female legends.

These entrepreneurs not only inspire you to follow your dreams. They also help you conquer some of the hurdles our minds create on our way to success. Grace Bonney chose women entrepreneurs from all walks of life from bakers to designers, to philanthropists to make her book relevant to women from all backgrounds.

If you are trying to tell the world that success is a concept free of stereotype, deepen your belief with this book.

#2 Year of Yes

Shonda Rhimes discusses her year-long challenge in the book ‘Year of Yes’. Her commitment to saying yes to every risk she took may seem scary, but its spirit is not only alluring but also inspiring.

If your comfort zone is your biggest enemy in getting your goals, you should consider reading this book and its adventures.

Saying yes not only gives you the courage to demand the success you deserve. It also allows you to discover who you really are. And if it’s true that we utilize only 10% of our capabilities in our life.Then this discovery of self will open create unmeasurable benefits for us.

#3 Start Something that Matters

If you are putting off your dream for your business or a new project for a time longer than you want to admit. Then this book is a must-read for you.

This book gives you the perfect excuse to start working on your dreams without delaying. It also helps you remain grounded in your desires to make an impact in the world.

Blake Mycoskie’s philosophy blends the profit-oriented nature of business with the interests of philanthropist that resides within every human being. And this philosophy makes a crucial theme of this book.

#4 Very good life: fringe benefits of failure and the importance of imagination

A purely inspirational account from the legendary writer JK Rowling. This book is based on her speech which she delivered at Harvard University. If you are a big fan of JKR, you must have known that failure made a huge fact of the writer before her huge success.

It was her success at conquering failure that made her series a household name. She is not only proud of her learning curve but also wants you to get some inspiration from it (or your own learning curve).

#5 In conclusion, don’t worry about it.

Although this book doesn’t discuss business as its cornerstone.Its inspiration on the topics of self-discovery, growth, and resilience gives a boost to women who are carving their path in the corporate world.

Lauren Graham encourages young women, and men, to stay true to their passions and remain committed to their goals.

In the end, what really matters is the journey and how much joy you had along the way.

Leadership and Mindset

Tell me what has more important in womenpreneurship, women or entrepreneurship?

Either way, leadership makes a big part of two roles involved in a womenpreneur.

Yes, you are born to be a leader. But that shouldn’t keep you from honing your skills more.

#6 Own it: the power of women at work

This book doesn’t push to work hard or lean in. It does just the opposite. It asks you to embrace the differences and utilize your unique powers to move forward and be you.

Sallie Krawcheck is a well-known name who is working for women empowerment in the area of financial independence.  She urges women to understand modern corporate dynamics. Those are based on softer skills of collaboration and communication. It’s no secret that women generally overpower men in these skills.

Sallie asks women to use this opportunity to command their power in the business world.

#7 How remarkable women lead

Using various anecdotes from the real lives of successful womenpreneurs. This book raises the controversial concept for comparing masculine and feminine leadership traits for effectiveness in the modern world.

It studies how women could change their lives and the image of women in business by taking risks and leaning in. The author, Joanna Barsh, claims that women’s opportunistic nature is what is bridging the gender gap in leadership roles.

The book re-emphasizes the five primary elements of centered leadership. These elements are meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing. Most are dominated by feminine skills of connecting with self and with others.

But you have to read the book to know if you can break into the last two elements of this leadership paradigm. To attain the balance between masculine and feminine traits and gain success.

#8 Women who don’t wait in line

I wanted to include this book in the inspiration section because of the myriad of success stories it shares. But then included it here because this book is meant to change our mindset towards the opportunities the corporate world is throwing our way.

There was a time when women were raised to be home-makers. There were only a few positions, if there were any, for women to get a job or lead businesses.

Waves of feminism have changed this environment and women must reap the benefits of this long-awaited shift in mindset.

#9 Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Again, if the comfort zone is your biggest problem, this book will inspire you to test your optimal potential by pushing your limits and breaking the barriers.

Brené Brown argues that having and showing courage is not about winning or losing. It’s not about taking comments from the critics. It’s not about showing off the victory.

It’s about facing your vulnerability and challenging it. It’s about following what is your truth no matter what.

#10 The Power of Unpopular: A Guide to Building Your Brand for the Audience Who Will Love You

This is another book that challenges a centuries-old myth related to success. Tell me what do you think comes first: success or fame?

Erica Napoletano, author of ‘The Power of Unpopular’, claims that success is the prerequisite of fame, not the other way around. Yes, society believes just the opposite phenomenon to be true, but this wrong belief keeps the majority from achieving their success.

If you are interested in, truly, conquering your goals, you should keep your focus on your success and the tools that bring that success. And keep fame or your brand name out of your recipe.

#11 Girl, stop apologizing

The title says it all!

The title page shows a fearless girl who gives a damn towards gossips and judgment every girl is destined to attract.

After demanding that girls stop paying undue attention to society’s judgment and comments, this book uncovers some mind-shifts and tools modern women can use to grow a thick skin.

Rachel Hollis takes her readers on-board with her agenda by sharing her struggles with society’s and her own views about life, women, and being oneself.

#12 The confidence code

It’s another book that questions women’s risk-averse nature asking them to abandon their limiting beliefs in favor of more fulfilling and progressive opportunities.

Our beloved Katty Kay and Claire Shipman meet once again after their successful book Womenomics to highlight the tools which women of all ages, career levels, and ethnic and professional backgrounds can use to gain more confidence.

And why shouldn’t they? After all, the modern corporate era is just the best time for women leaders to step up their game.



Action alone doesn’t solve the issue or achieve the goal. It’s smart, focused, and persistent action that gets us to our goal.

And, if entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, you need to maintain goal-oriented action in all parts of your life.

Some books which elaborate lifestyle, or certain life-skills, of womenpreneurs are below:

#13 Nice girls don’t get the corner office

With another say-it-all title, this book busts numerous stereotypes surrounding nice women in the corporate world. Another book that can be inspirational, transformational, and educating in one go teaches women about which traits and skills they need to let go of to succeed in their career and business.

The book claims that, against the praised behaviors of care, risk-aversion, and loyalty to rules and social norms, women should start relying more on their own perceptions, getting involved in office (or other) politics, and taking more risks.

This book from Lois P. Frankel has a similar ideology as the next book on the list.

#14 Lean in: women work and will to lead

Like Frankel, Sheryl Sandberg also believes that women should become more proactive in their careers. She argues that women miss most of the opportunities in their career because they second guess their abilities for taking the next role.

The book is relatable to most women readers because of its ability to highlight the threats women’s professional lives face while making these readers accountable for bringing the change they want in this world.

#15 Financially Fearless: The LearnVest program for taking control of your money

As we can see from its title, the book focuses on a specific area of women businesses. Alexa Von Tobel focuses on money and how women can manage it to gain similar or better financial results than their male counterparts.

This program towards financial independence targets every woman, not just businesswomen to control their finances in more relaxed and beneficial ways. It gives a complete model with which women can spend their earnings, save, and recreate.

#16 How to win friends and influence people

It’s another book that focuses on one part of the business. And here the focus is on marketing through networking. In contrast with all the other books mentioned in this list, ‘How to win friends and influence people’ focuses on both genders. But this wider lens doesn’t make it any less crucial for businesswomen.

This legendary book from Dale Carnegie explains the intricacies of human emotions and how we can use them for our success.

#17 Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life

Secrets of Six-Figure Women is another book that covers all three areas of this list; inspiration, mindset, and skillset.

It takes information from successful women to identify seven key strategies they use to earn six-figure incomes. The book summarizes these seven strategies into intention, willingness to take calculated risks, grit, motivation, connection with self, limitlessness, and financial intelligence.

#18 Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder

This book shares a rather unpopular viewpoint on the lifestyle of womenpreneurs. The opinion of keeping oneself fit and healthy is although preached in books and seminars, the corporate culture and the highly competitive environment mean that women often leave it out of their office door.

After all, self-care often makes a huge hurdle on the way of success in business for most women.

Arianna Huffington is on a mission to re-emphasize self-care need for businesswomen through this book.

#19 Coach Yourself to Success

Are you in search of a personal or business coach to take you to your success?

Read this book, from Talane Meidaner, and be your own coach. These 101 tips help you through a 10 step program which will help you harness success skills.

#20 Nice girls don’t get rich

There are surefire tactics women use to sabotage their financial success. On top of this list is their risk aversion only to be followed by the second most failure-inducing technique of prioritizing other people’s interests in their own interests.

Take Away

This list discusses 20 different old and new books which women should read to advance their career and business.

These books range from inspiration to mind-shifts, to certain skills that are helpful for women in acquiring and retaining business success.


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