If you were asked to list some summer essentials off the top of your head, what would you say? Let’s guess. Light summer clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, and so on. The list seems incomplete? Of course, it does. One of your favorite things in the world, that is, books are not on the list. Or else, why else would you be reading this post ahead of your next summer vacation? Even if you aren’t much of a reader but are just looking to add books to your traveling bag, you are still on the right page.

Whether you would be voyaging via an airplane, a train or by road, a good book or two or five sure comes in handy. Books are hands down the best companion you can have for a summer vacation. They will not bug or stress you. For times when you can’t seem to get some shut-eye, they are always there to keep you company. What’s more, nothing beats a book and a beach chair combo during summer vacation.

However, to fully enjoy all these, you’ve got to take the right kinds of books along. Yes, not all books are summer vacation-worthy. In this post is a well-curated list of 5 books you should take along for your next summer vacation. Before then, though, let’s talk about what boxes a good summer book ought to tick.

     1.It shouldn’t be too deep

Only light reads should go along with you on your summer vacation. Going with a book that is difficult to read and stresses you mentally is counterproductive. It wouldn’t give you that relaxing effect you so crave during your vacation.

      2.It shouldn’t be too long

Is it a summer vacation book if you won’t be able to finish it during your summer vacation? Surely not. So, a good summer vacation book should have only a few pages that you can finish digesting during the vacation. If you finish reading it too early, there’s no cause for alarm. All you have to do is to move to the next book on the list. But then, with books, length is relative. A book more than 500 pages might be your definition of a long book while for someone else, it is 1000 pages. So, to play it safe, all books on this list are not more than 500 pages.

      3.It should have a little bit of suspense

It is all the emotions you feel that would make a summer vacation reading a very memorable experience. Whatever your favorite genre is, you should go for a book that has just the right amount of suspense that keeps you engaged, turning page after page.


5 Summer Book Suggestions for Your Next Summer Vacation

That being said, let’s get right to the core of this post. These are the 5 books that deserve a space in your bag as you pack for your next summer vacation.

  1. Ordinary People – Diana Evans

This book might be titled Ordinary People but it is no ordinary book. It is funny, sad and oh so entertaining. The 352 pages of the book explore love, grief, friendship, parenthood, and intimacy. It is centered on the life of two couples going through different phases in their marriages. For one, the wife finds it hard to stay faithful while for the other couple, bereavement seems to be getting in the way of an almost perfect marriage. The book has been described as a thoughtful and detailed description of what modern marriages are like. The excellent storytelling and ‘unputdownable’ features that the book has are sure to keep you entertained while on your next summer vacation.

  1. Everything – Jennifer Weiner

This bestseller from Jennifer Weiner is surely everything your summer vacation needs. The 480-page book follows the lives of two sisters who face various problems you most likely can relate with. As the case is with almost every one of us, they grew up with their dreams and aspirations right from 1950. However, as they would find out, life almost often always end up different from how they imagined it would. A couple of tragedies and they both ended up living a life that hardly gives them any joy. Is it ever too late to change the path of life you’re treading? Do we change on our own or does the world change us? Find out all these through the unforgettable characters that Weiner created.

If you need any further proof that this is the book you should pack, it is in the fact that The Oprah Magazine named it as a Best Book of Summer. What else are you waiting for?

  1. Never Have I Ever – Joshilyn Jackson

How nice would it be to be playing the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game with the friends, partner, family you are vacationing with while also reading a book with the same title? Very nice! In this book, expect to feel a wide range of emotions. There’s a whole lot of twists, surprises, and suspense for you to experience.

The book is about Amy who seems to be content with her everyday routine that involves teaching, baking, and running a book club. All was fine until someone new, Angelica, knocked on the door of the book club. Using wine and her charming personality, Angelica attempts to lure members of the club, particularly Amy into spilling their secrets. For Amy who has a terrible secret that Angelica knows about and is out to get, this is a nightmare. The 352 pages of this book cover how both women become obsessed with each other and try to outsmart themselves. Let’s stop there because this is a No Spoiler zone. Just know that this book is the perfect thriller that your summer needs.

  1. How Do You Like Me Now? – Holly Bourne

This one follows the life of Tori, a lady who, on the outside, seems to have everything well put together. Only she doesn’t. She’s 30, everyone is getting married yet her long-term boyfriend hasn’t even talked about marriage. Her best friend falls in love and she suddenly fears that she is being left behind. This book, with its 368 pages did a good job of narrating the pressure that comes with being a single 30-year old. Will Tori be able to summon the courage to forge ahead on the lonely path? Well, you have to read to find out. You would love how relatable, funny and honest this book is.

  1. Summer of ’69 – Elin Hilderbrand

You know it’s real when it has ‘summer’ in its name. This book is a ‘beachy’ historical romance that everyone ought to read. It is about four siblings who always travel down to their grandmother’s home for summer. However, in the summer of 1969, a lot of things seem to have changed, both for the Levin family and for the entire country. Three of the siblings are unable to travel for various reasons and the last child seems to be stuck with her mother and grandmother who are both keeping a secret. Through the course of its 432 pages, this book follows how life in a close-knit family is. If the review from Publishers Weekly is anything to go by (which, of course, it is), this book is superb and hits all the right notes.



Now, you no longer have to stress about what books deserve a spot in your luggage next summer. Get one or two or all five of the books above and have yourself a very fun and bookish summer!


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