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Need suggestions on what else to pack for your next winter vacation asides thick clothing, boots, and gadgets? Do you need something to take your mind off the road for a while if you would be on the move? Well, you should consider taking books along to read. Of course, not just any kind of book – winter-suitable books! What is winter without a different world of fantasy, fiction or romance? No better way to have these imaginations than reading books about them.

If you spend most of your time reading, you may as well consider checking out what next to add to your collection.

5 Winter Books You Need for Your Next Winter Vacation

Here are 5 suggestions on the best books (in different genres) to read for your next winter vacation, and a summary about them.


Once Upon a River – Diane Setterfield

With wonderful storytelling, Diane Setterfield is out to win hearts this winter with her fictional book, Once Upon a River. According to reviews from personalities like Jim Crace, the book is bewitching with a gentle touch of moral dreaminess. Full of twists and turns, the book is perfect for the winter holidays.

The story opens into an ancient inn on river Thames on a very dark midwinter night where an unusual event happens. The regulars were having a series of conversations to pass the night until the door bursts open and a stranger comes in badly wounded with a lifeless body in his arms. The body was of a small child who later sprung back to life after a few hours. There were a series of questions as to why this happened with many dark answers and possibilities.

It further opens to people who lived at the river bank trying to solve the mystery with no answers still. Afterward, three families try to lay claim of the dead but now back-to-life girl. Each of these families had a story to tell on how they are related to the girl. They all had their secrets, and it must be exposed to the girl’s identity to be revealed.

Discover who the girl is and how she came back to life from this interesting book!


Eighteen Below – Stefan Ahnhem

This book is filled with mysteries and twists to make every reader go insane and addicted to it. The author uses perfect cop characters and imaginative skills to make sure the story seems as real as possible.

Eighteen Below tells a story on a hot summer day where a car speeds through the streets of Helsingborg until it arrives at the harbor. The car, however, kept moving at a constant speed till it plunges into the cold sea. There is a body in the water, and no one could explain what exactly happened. One thing was for sure: it wasn’t a suicide.

Autopsy results show that the victim had been dead for at least 2 months. More bodies were discovered with the same M.O. Fabian Risk who is a cop must do all his possible best to find who the real killer is.

Find out who has been responsible for the dead-body drop and how Fabian Risk found the real killer in this book.


My Favorite Half-Night Stand – Christina Lauren

The story combines modern dating, comedy and real-life experiences to deliver a top-notch pitch to readers. My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren tells us about Millie Moris, a UC Santa Barbara Professor who is a serial-killer expert and her four best guy friends. They all were single until a university function forced them into joining an online dating service.

Meanwhile, Reid Campbell (one of Millie’s guy friends) and Millie had chemistry, but they both agreed to keep it platonic. Fortunately, Millie’s guy friends had some sort of luck with the dating service while Millie was discouraged several times because she attracted creepers. Later, Millie had to create a fake persona – “Catherine” that she used to get close to Reid.

Sooner or Later, Millie under the persona of Catherine, discovered she had liked him from the very first day, and she had to face her worst fear. Now, she has to pick between intimacy with Reid or losing their friendship forever.

Does Catherine reveal her identity as Millie or not? Read My Favorite Half-Night Stand and discover how she faced her fears.

99 Percent Mine – Sally Thorne

Sally Thone drops yet another smashing romantic book for a nice winter vacation after her debut, The Hating Game. This is the story of a woman who finally gets a shot at her long-time crush. Darcy Barett had taken a global survey of men all around the world, and still, no one was better off as Tom Valeska, her crush. Tom Valeska was Darcy’s twin brother’s friend, Jamie.

The twins inherited properties from their grandmother in which a tumble-down cottage was one of them. The instruction given to them was to renovate the place and sell. Darcy had a lot of plans for the place after renovation. One day, she finds someone on the porch who turned out to be Tom. Sparks filled the air and they had a great conversation.

Read and enjoy 99 Percent Mine as she decides to make Tom 99 % hers.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Of Blood and Bone: Chronicles of The One – Nora Roberts

Of Blood and Bone is a tale of terror and magic written by Nora Roberts, an award-winning, New York Times, the bestselling author. The story opens to a peaceful farm where Fallon Swift lived with her family, but beyond the edges lies dark forces. Fallon’s family had moved from the city after it had been left to ruins since the Doom sickened.

However, there are characters called Purity Warriors who are vicious gangs of Raiders; their job is to hunt down the gifted ones and kill them. Fallon possesses this gift which she later discovered. She must undergo her training under the guidance of Mallick, an instructor known for many centuries. Also, her identity as The One must be revealed, so she must become the woman she was destined to be.

Read Of Blood and Bone to discover who she became and how she used her many gifts.


Now that we have recommended a few books that are going to be worth your time, we hope you find your taste. These books are worth only a few bucks, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get any of them. Have a pleasant bookish winter vacation ahead!


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