They say knowledge is power and reading books is a very important way to empower yourself. It is a skill that needs to be acquired, no matter how much you know. Reading now goes beyond paper pages as there are now several ways you can read books like audiobooks and e-books. Now, you have a website and a blog that is book-centered. That’s very cool as you are meeting the literary needs of others. However, how about you meet your own financial needs at the same time? Of course, you want that as everyone is forever on the lookout for how to boost their income and have more sources of income. Well, luckily for you, you have a goldmine on your hands and affiliate programs would help you dig up that gold.

Affiliate programs are one of the fastest online business models used to make money, and having intense knowledge about it will be very helpful. Whether it is paperbacks, e-books or audiobooks, people would always be interested in books. Suffice to say that bookstore affiliate programs do not experience any drought. There is always going to be a constant interest in books all year-round. This is exactly what makes bookstore affiliate programs the goldmine that it is.

So, this post is dedicated to helping you dig up the gold as it contains a well-curated list of 10 bookstores that run online affiliate programs.


Top 10 Bookstore Affiliate Programs you should check out

From Audible to Biblio to BookPal and lots more, this list is in no particular order. Here’s everything you need to know about these online bookstores and how affiliate programs are run on them.

As its name already depicts, it is an online store for all kinds of audiobooks. Some people believe it ought not to be called a bookstore but this shouldn’t be so. This is because, for certain book lovers, audiobooks are the only way they get to keep up their ‘reading’ culture. What’s more, Audible has a very large collection of audiobooks which makes it one of the largest sources of audiobooks. It is a subsidiary of Amazon and everyone can attest to the fact that Amazon is a tested and trusted online marketplace. For people who want something simple and affordable, Audible is the go-to. They run a personal affiliate program that can help boost the money you make from your blog or website.

On Audible, these audiobooks can be purchased in two ways. It is either by online retail or by a monthly subscription. For you, earnings are made via the Audible affiliate program or through the Amazon associate program. When you refer readers and they make purchases, this is what is in it for you

For Audible:

  • Single Book – $0.50
  • Free Trial Digital Membership – $5.00
  • Gold Digital Membership – $10.00.

For Amazon:

  • Single Book – 4.5 % of the price
  • Kindle Products – 4.0 % off retail. has something impressive to offer to those who want to make it big from affiliates. Its name already gives it away as the go-to for all things e-books. It is a front-leading digital bookstore with thousands of publishers which makes it a great place to run affiliate programs. In their programs, they run banner ads, dynamic, and product links as well as tracking tools in real-time.

Participating in these programs also allows you to get newsletters that talk about tricks and optimization tips. This looks very productive; hence, a reason to invest in In summary, this platform is a top e-book retailer with nice incentives and tips for a great affiliate experience. Your readers would love it because it allows them to choose to either download the books to their devices or to simply read it online. Another icing on the cake is that purchases on eBooks can be done globally, so you can earn some extra income from the click of anyone from across the world.

Commission on this site ranges from 8 to 15 % and its cookie day period is 45 days. The term ‘cookie day’ would be used frequently in this article. Cookie days refers to the duration of time that a visitor has to purchase a book after clicking on an affiliate link on your site before you, the affiliate can be credited. So, in the case of this bookstore, for you to get credited, anyone who clicks on a book affiliate link on your site has to purchase a book within 45 days.


BookPal is an impactful bookstore that attends to the needs of so many corporations and institutions like schools. They sell in bulk to these sets of people coupled with extraordinary customer service which makes them one of the top choices for books. Since they are contributing largely, they run affiliate programs that anyone aspiring to make good income can invest in.

Also, they offer services to companies like Walmart and Boeing, which means you can always trust them. However, they make use of Rakuten Marketing to run their programs. There are benefits to participating in this program, and that includes having marketing materials such as text links, banner ads, reporting tools, and coupons. In general, most affiliates are enthusiastic about their rewards since it is given based on competency.

Cookie Days: 60 days


With over 50,000 audiobooks in store, AudiobooksNow is surely going to be a great investment. They offer a good quality of service as it is an easy and affordable way to download or stream audiobooks online. This online bookstore has special rewards for many users of their services, and one of them is a club membership with access to offers and discounts.

Running affiliate programs has left a positive mark since their conception, and they use PepperJam and ShareASale to make that possible. The commission rate is fantastic too. If you would like to join the program, then be ready to receive optimized banners, text links, and tips. Additionally, there are special discount codes to be shared with participants to boost their income.

Cookie Days: 15 to 30 days


Talk about the largest place to get all kinds of rare and out-of-print books and Biblio comes up. They are one of the most used bookstores in the world because of their reputation in keeping very valuable books. Biblio is a conglomeration of over 5,000 bookstores to become a single entity possessing over a hundred million books.

Also because they offer great prices for books, they have numerous customers all over the world which makes them eligible for affiliate programs. They run this program using ShareASale and affiliates are given bonuses such as graphic links, text links, and coupons to increase their income. What’s more, the easy navigation of their website makes it even better to use for all reading purposes.

Cookie Days: 45 days


In the United States today, Barnes and Noble have made a legacy to be the largest bookseller. They have a wide range of services including the online distribution of digital media. With over a million collection of books and materials, they have impacted a lot of young people. In the same vein, they have audiobooks in store for those who prefer to listen than reading.

Barnes and Noble also run affiliate programs using Commission Junction, where great rewards such as exclusive offers and nice commission rates are offered. For instance, 2 % and 4 % are paid for physical purchases and Nook/digital product sales respectively. The good conversion rate is almost every blogger’s dream as regards to affiliate marketing.


Help yourself and your readers to discover a better world of books with the affiliate program on this online bookstore. For both new and old books, Better World Books has got you covered, and that is what attracts most customers. The prices of these books are affordable. Better World Books run series of programs and one of them is a community program to support major projects within their jurisdiction.

One other program they run that most people are aware of is the affiliate program which is in collaboration with Commission Junction. On BWB, the offer begins at 5% and moves up to 6% for sales worth $100. People who would benefit extensively from this program are those who run a website that is centered on health and sustainability. If you run any of these, making money from BWB via affiliate marketing won’t be a problem. Another pro of doing this is that you would be supporting a cause that you are passionate about. A win-win situation? Definitely!

Cookie Days: 90 days


Fun and entertainment books are the forte of the Chronicle books, hence you won’t have a problem getting books of this genre here. This website doesn’t only focus on entertainment and fun, but arts, designs as well as lifestyle. Some of their books are fancied by many writers and craftsmen all over the world which is an advantage when it comes to making money.

Investing in their affiliate program which is run by the Rakuten Linkshare Network is going to be a good one. A lot of money could be made if you are a blogger who is interested in posting or writing about arts, crafts, and entertainment. Chronicle Books has a good commission rate dependent on sales and purchases, (6 to 10 % on every book sale).

Cookie Days: 30 days.


In the hearts of many Canadian citizens, Indigo has left a mark that can never be erased. It is a good stop to get all kinds of books as they are in various selections. This bookstore not only has books for customers but serves as a home for decorations and fitness equipment to mention a few. There are offers available to consistent readers/customers which is a good strategy to gain more.

With a great partnership with Commission Junction, Indigo has been able to establish an affiliate program that most website owners will not fail to accept. Also, Indigo has 4/5 network earnings and a commission rate of 2 to 10 % based on selection for 7 days.


With a special shipping bonus to Canada and the USA, Book Outlet has been received with open arms as a reliable source for both new and old books. This company has sold more than a hundred thousand books (different genres) while being based in New York. With their online network, they have been able to reach an audience that is interested in what they have to offer; hence, a good avenue to offer more services.

Book Outlet runs an affiliate program dependent on ShareASale Network, and tremendous results have been seen by website owners, bloggers who have made use of their platform. They offer a 10% commission depending on how well you market. Also, seasonal promotions are additional benefits to be enjoyed by people who join this platform.

If you are looking to target an audience of book readers who are on the lookout for good book bargains, then Book Outlet is your plug. Both old and new books on the site are often sold at discount rates ranging from 50-90%.

Cookie: 45 days



Books can never go out of vogue and you should maximize that opportunity. One of the ways to do this is via bookstore affiliate programs. It doesn’t matter if your site focuses on books in certain niches or it focuses on books in general. With consistency, there are lots of perks and commissions to be earned and in good time, you would have established yourself as a top bookstore affiliate.

Choose any of the bookstores above and be well on your way to earning money and boosting your income. Take your time to explore each of them before getting into it so you can choose which would best suit you and what your blog or website has to offer. Not only will your pocket thank you, but your readers would thank you as well.


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