The Code Hunters: A Nicholas Foxe Adventure (Kindle Edition)


Get Ready for Action and Adventure! 

Meet Nicholas Foxe and his team of Code Hunters…

  • In Afghanistan, a young boy stumbles into a fierce firefight.
  • An Army Ranger makes a snap decision that sets in motion events beyond his imagination.
  • In New Mexico, caver Tom Littleton discovers a 10,000-year-old coded tablet far too advanced for ancient people to have created it.
  • In Boston, Rachael Friedman, a leading physics professor, unlocks a key to the mysterious code.
  • And in Italy, a violin maker and his autistic daughter show the way to a secret chamber where a medieval scholar has locked away more clues.

Wealthy adventurer Nicholas Foxe leads this unlikely team to solve the mystery of the code. But dark forces threaten to destroy The Tablet and the people who know about it…

  • The Televangelist who intends to profit from his “religious” interpretation of The Tablet.
  • A Washington Senator who secretly serves a powerful constituent.
  • The mysterious Texan who foresees extraordinary wealth by owning The Tablet.
  • A Bombmaker in Queens who serves the latest in destructive products.

The Code Huntersis a Thriller for the reader who:

  • Wants the Adventure of Indiana Jones,
  • Likes the pace and puzzles of The Da Vinci Code,
  • Or just enjoys a Mystery Page-Turner.


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